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Includes 24 Sessions
June 1-August 31


is to help seniors, beginners and people with limited mobility feel better and get stronger safely. No more struggling getting on and off the floor, the fear of falling or getting hurt from inappropriate advanced exercises. “Building strength and confidence!” 

What Is the Feel Better Steps Program® ?

Online Exercise Program for Seniors

Not only is this online exercise program specialized and safe for seniors, beginners and people with limited mobility, the multi-level format makes it great for everyone! Available online, in-person small group and private personal training.

12 Easy Steps

Without a doubt, this 12 step (12 week) exercise program is a perfect start to your health journey. Melissa walks each step through all components needed for a healthy body!

Fitness Evaluations

First step fitness evaluations help determine your fitness goals and level. Following with a daily stretch and posture correction routine will certainly wake up and align your body.

Nutrition & Cardio Plan

Cardio recommendations along with the nutritionist certified healthy eating plan will undoubtedly get you moving and losing!

Core No-Floor Method

Unquestionably, the Core No-Floor method exercises will strengthen your core safely. Unlike traditional workouts this method is designed to work the whole body and core effectively without the struggle or fear of getting on the floor. 

Proper Form

Last but not least, learning proper form technique in the seated and standing 5 Form Foundation Positions (5 FFP’s) is key to exercises success. The workouts center around the 5 FFP’s which makes learning easy. In addition, the rotation of these positions works the weak muscles and most importantly, lessens stress on the back and joints. 

Feel Better Steps® Program Options:

Online:online exercise classes for seniors

  1. Online Exercise Course– Conveniently, go at your own pace and level at home.
  2. Online Personal Training– Need individual attention? Work the Steps virtually one on one with Melissa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    Feel Better Steps® Online Program Trailer

Local to West Palm Beach, Florida?

group classes for seniors west palm beach florida

  1.  Small Group Classes–  Convenient travel in the West Palm Beach, Fl area. Personalized attention with a small group (max class of 5-7), a great value!
  2. Private Personal Training– Personal  training clients receive a customized plan tailored to each fitness goal and level. Best personal trainer in West Palm Beach Fl.


  • Feel better in 12 easy steps

  • Personalized exercise program

  • Cardio and healthy eating plan

  • Fitness evaluations

  • Learn basic movements first

  • Daily stretch routine

  • Posture correction exercises

  • Gain independence

  • Improve mobility and balance

  • Decrease joint and back pain

  • FREE continued workouts and tips

Feel Better Steps Program®


Receive Automatic Alerts for New Workouts and Tips!

FREE workouts and tips complement the Feel Better Steps®  to keep you healthy and fit!

Master Personal Trainer & Senior Fitness Pro!

Melissa B. Cianfrini, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Group and Fitness Specialist

Personal Trainer West Palm Beach, Fl

17 years in fitness industry

Master Pilates and core trainer

NASM certified Personal trainer, Senior and Group fitness specialist

Successful in-person Florida classes for 7 years

Creator of the proven Core-No Floor method and Feel Better Steps program®

Proven Results

personal training

I have been working with Melissa in both personal training and group settings. I have multiple physical problems but after a few sessions my pain disappeared like magic. Even in a group she makes you feel like you are the only one. Her knowledge is vast, her classes are challenging but fun, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She receives a round of applause after every class. I wish I had discovered her years ago her training is well suited for people of any age.

Marty Ross

Melissa has been working with my mother (late 70’s) for several years. My mom adores her! I truly believe that without Melissa’s help and guidance, my mom would not be doing nearly as well as she is. Melissa is reliable and truly cares about her clients. Highly recommend!


Marilyn Heller

Being seasonal I really miss going to her classes and looking forward to returning in the fall. Her program is varied and interesting.  Her workouts help me. Melissa is a great instructor and she makes the classes fun.

Joan Darnboro

In a very short period of time, taking Melissa Core class, has brought me to a better health position. Aches and pains are few and doing the homework is a reminder of feeling well. If you are serious about your health, join her class. I am 82 years with several health conditions and her simple directions are easy to follow. 

Sylvia Lewis

I am so glad I joined the Core-No Floor senior group fitness class! Melissa provides a structured Feel Better Steps program®. Her enthusiasm and the ability to treat each of us as individuals provides more depth to the class. I have lost a few pounds and in addition, I’m much more aware of my posture.  I recommended this senior fitness class to others, even those with disabilities. Thank you for helping us become healthier!

Martha Binder

 I love Melissa’s Core No-Floor group fitness classes! Great exercises for seniors and in addition, they are fun. Melissa is a pro who provides helpful and useful tools to use everyday. 

Alice Dunn

I enjoy the Feel Better Steps program® and the Core-No Floor group senior fitness classes in West Palm Beach, Florida. As a result, I always felt 1,000 times better after a class! I particularly appreciate the homework exercise sheets. Thanks again for your hard work, preparation, and individual attention you give to your students!

Eileen Merlin

For the past 2 years I have been working the Feel Better Steps Program® with Melissa. My overall well-being has improved. She is professional, knowledgeable and a great instructor. She gives personalized instruction and attention, even though I’m in a group class. The workouts are challenging and fun. Above all, it has improved my posture, balance and core strength.

Cynthia Yuen

I have worked with several fitness instructors and in contrast Melissa is the most knowledgeable. She is so fun and I really enjoy the Feel Better Fitness Steps® program. I highly recommend the Core No-Floor group exercise classes for seniors!

Ginny Smith

Melissa is an excellent teacher. She provides clear directions and tips to help us learn correctly. Last but not least, we work on strengthen the core. I love her Core-No Floor senior fitness classes in West Palm Beach, Florida!  In addition, the person she is.


Diana Martinez

I so enjoy Melissa’s Core-No Floor method group classes. Not only is she knowledgeable, the enthusiasm she brings to class helps me want to work out harder and correctly.  Thank you Melissa!

Marlene Pugliese

Royal Palm Beach Fitness ClassesWhen I started with Melissa I was almost unable to get up from sitting but after I started her class I became stronger in my back, legs, etc. It was unbelievable how quick it happened. Melissa is very knowledgeable about the body and what to do to correct a problem. I am looking forward to getting back to the class so I can start to feeling better again. I would recommend this class to anyone that needs their body strengthened and rejuvenated.

Darlene Rosencrance

Melissa’s Core No-Floor fitness classes in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, has helped me with posture. Most importantly, it has strengthened my core and back. It is a great all-round workout!

Diana Longhurst


Melissa brings energy and enthusiasm to every Core-No Floor group exercise class.  She makes exercising fun. In addition, she takes individual time to correct and teach the right way to exercise.

Anna Bloom

Melissa has been my personal trainer for almost 2 years and I have seen much improvement. My lower back pain has greatly improved. She is an excellent trainer, patient, caring and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Marla Tames

I have thoroughly enjoy Melissa’s senior group fitness classes in West Palm Beach, Florida. She corrects the movements to ensure good form. The Feel Better Steps® exercise homework sheets to practice at home adds individual attention. Thanks Melissa for keeping us senior people feeling fit!

Winifred Cameron

Melissa is the best personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She cares about training your whole body correctly and has taught me so much!

Robin Ladicani

I have been attending Melissa’s senior fitness classes in Royal Palm Beach, Florida for 2 years. In that time, my posture, body alignment, muscle tone and overall strength have vastly improved. The core strengthening workout concentrates on balance that is very important to keep me strong.

Denise Boccia

The Core-No Floor method senior group exercise classes were always a positive experience.  We learned what the core and core conditioning is and how it affects us.  We worked on balance and posture with emphasis on fall prevention and overall strengthening.

Jessica Lewis

Melissa’s expertise and a shining personality therefore make her an exceptional group fitness instructor. Most importantly, the focus on core and balance is just what I need. 

Bonnie Korchak

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