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Feel Better Fitness Program Overview:

Not only is the program specialized for seniors, beginners and people with limited mobility it is also great for everyone. Our mission is to build your strength and confidence!

Feel Better Steps Program®: 

This 12 step (12 week) complete exercise program includes all components needed to achieve a healthy body. Unquestionably, the best start to your health journey.

Melissa walks each step with you.  First and foremost, she teaches proper exercise form and also helps set appropriate fitness level and goals.

In addition, the Steps includes a healthy eating and cardio plan. As well as daily stretches and posture correction exercises.  Last but not least, the Core No-Floor method exercises strengthen the core stabilizer muscles safely and effectively.

Exercise Program Options:

The Feel Better Steps® online program has two options. You can choose to go at your own pace and level with the online exercise course. For individualized attention, alternatively, virtual personal training is available.

Join us for local in-person small group classes or private personal training  in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

Core-No Floor Method Workouts:

The Core-No Floor workouts keep you fit after completion of the Steps program. The FREE online workouts are a convenient way to exercise at home. On the other hand, book a local small group class if you live in the West Palm Beach, Florida area.

Feel Better Fitness Personal Training:

The personal training program offers specialized services for seniors, beginners and people with limited mobility. As well as customized plans for every goal and fitness level.

In West Palm Beach, Florida? Train with fitness-pro Melissa privately or jump online for virtual personal training anywhere in the USA. 

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