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Want a Strong Core Without Getting On & Off the Floor?

Be a part of the Feel Better Steps® program and Core-No Floor method classes!


Book a Small Group Feel Better Steps® Class Now!

Book a Small Group Class

Book a small group class; conveniently at your location. Unlike large impersonal classes the Steps is a personal training experience in a small group setting (maximum of 5-7 participants).


Working the Feel Better Steps® in a small group is undoubtedly a great deal!  In contrast, it’s a third of the price of personal training sessions. Not only do you get individual attention but also a customized plan for each goal and fitness level.

Coronavirus Safe

Despite Covid-19, the small group exercise classes are designed around safety precautions. First, a personal equipment kit is provided with the initial class fee and in addition the approved facility will be large enough to spread out a secure distance.

Group Exercise Classes for Seniors

The Feel Better Steps® program and Core No-Floor method group exercise classes are great for everyone as well as safe for seniors, beginners and people with limited mobility. 

My Mission

My mission is to help people feel better and get stronger safely. No more struggling getting on and off the floor, the fear of falling or getting hurt from inappropriate advanced exercises. “Building strength and confidence!” 

The Feel Better Steps® Small Group Classes

The 12 Step (12 week) complete exercise program includes all aspects need to achieve a healthy body. First Steps evaluate your fitness level and goals. Indeed, the cardio and healthy eating plan will get you moving and losing. In addition, the stretch and posture correction exercises wake up and align your body.

Step By Step

The step format increases in difficulty from basic movements to more advanced total body exercises. This enables the body to adapt and learn information gradually.

Class Format

Unlike other 12 week programs, the Steps one hour class is sectioned into two parts. First, a personalized Step instruction segment is followed by a corresponding 30 minute workout. Unquestionably, this program is set apart from the rest.

The class includes a personalized equipment kit, a FREE Feel Better Steps® online exercise course subscription and printable Steps guide. Undoubtedly, this will comes in handy to review class instructions and weekly exercises as well as to catch up on a missed class.

Core-No Floor Method Workouts

The Core No-Floor method  works in unison with the Steps program but is also the last continued Step.

Designed to safely train your entire body along with building strong core stabilizer muscles. These total body workouts rotate through seated and standing positions eliminating excess stress on joints.


You will definitely benefit from participation in this program! Expect improved mobility, strength, posture, balance and overall health. Most importantly, it eases stress as well as joint and back pain to help you feel better!

Not Ready to Meet In Person?
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