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Sign up today and start working your Feel Better Fitness Steps®, in person or online!

Complete exercise & nutrition coaching program gets you fit safely. 

Improve core, balance, posture, mobility, joint pain, strength and confidence!

Contact for a customized Pack plan for your goals and level- beginner through advanced.

What are the Feel Better Fitness Steps®?

Exercise Program For Seniors
Exercise Program For Seniors
Feel Better Fitness Steps Program
Step 1 Goal Setting
Step 1- Posture Evaluations
Step 1- Healthy Eating Plan
Step 1- Certified Healthy Eating Plan
Step 1- Fitness Tests
Step 1- Fitness Tests
Step 1- Cardio Plan
Step 2- 5 Form Foundations
Step 2- 5 Form Foundation Positions
Step 3- Brew & Move Stretch Routine
Step 3- Brew & Move Stretch Routine
Step 4- Feet & Knee Correction
Step 4- Feet & Knee Correction
Step 5- LPHC Correction
Step 5- LPHC Corrections
Step 6- Torso Correction
Step 7- Head & Neck Correction
Step 7- Head & Neck Corrections
Step 7- Head & Neck
Exercise Program For Seniors Wellington, Florida
Step 8- Core Stabilization
Step 8- Core Stabilization
Step 9- Core Engagement
Step 9- Core Engagement
Exercise Program For Seniors West Palm Beach Fl
Step 10- Strength
Step 10- Strength Training
Step 11- Balance
Step 11- Balance
Step 12- Total Body Core
Step 12- Total Body Core
Step 12- Total Body Core
Coaching Feel Better Fitness
Coaching Feel Better Fitness
Next Steps & Steps Maintain
Next Steps & Steps Maintain
Next Steps & Steps Maintain

Exercise + Nutrition + Coaching

  • Complete exercise and nutrition coaching program that walks you through all aspects needed for a healthy body. 
  • Systematic step process designed to safely get you from where you are, to where you want to be.
  • Customized for each individual’s level and goal- beginner through advanced. 

Exercise Program for Seniors

Not only is this program great for everyone, it also offers safe solutions for seniors, beginners, people with limited mobility and other health conditions.

Core-No Floor Method

For the clients that have a hard time getting up and down off the floor, no problem or excuses! 

Fears of falling and injury are gone with the Core-No Floor method!

First, the seated and standing exercises start with basic movements that gradually increase in difficulty as the body gets stronger and more aligned.

Furthermore, the rotation of the positions decrease excess stress on the joints and reduce injury risk.

Fitness Evaluation

First steps include a comprehensive fitness evaluation with health, posture assessments, before pictures, measurements and fitness tests.

Every 12 weeks we re-evaluate wins, level and goals. This full report helps keep clients motivated toward their goals.

Certified Nutrition Plan

Next up, is a nutritionist certified healthy eating plan that has helped Melissa stay healthy for over 21 years. 

Not only does it include healthy eating tips, recipes, food list and daily plan, it also is easy to maintain for a lifetime!

Along with the cardio and stretch routine these first steps will definitely get you moving and losing!

Exercise Steps

A systematic step process designed to safely get you from where you are, to where you want to be. 

Exercises start with basic foundations in the first 12 Steps. Following with the Next Steps and Steps Maintain that target specific individual goals.

Unlike other programs, Melissa teaches proper form and puts it in simple terms to help you remember.

Mixing up different modalities and types of training are keys to success-

  • Posture correction
  • Mobility stretches
  • Strength training
  • Body weight exercises
  • Core stabilization
  • Core engagement
  • Balance drills
  • Total body exercises

Each workout builds upon the prior one, therefore the body progresses gradually to more advanced exercises. 

Weekly workouts change with new challenges, to never get boring!


Melissa coaches you every step of the way through weekly accountability, encouragement check in’s and homework.

She is a 100% invested in your success!

Proven Results

This proven program has been running successfully in South Florida for over 8 years. 

Look forward to improved energy, strength, balance, posture, mobility and joint pain. 

In other words, you will FEEL BETTER!

Check out these testimonials!

Feel Better Fitness Ladies

Feel Better Fitness Steps® doesn’t need paid celebrity endorsements.

Unquestionably, the fabulous Feel Better Fitness ladies, ages 69-76, are real life celebrities!

If they can do it, YOU CAN TOO! 

Program Pack Plan Prices: 

Contact for a FREE no obligation phone consultation. Each Pack plan is customized for your goals. 

Program Options:

  • Mobile In Home– Serving western communities of Palm Beach and Wellington, Fl. Convenient travel to your home, clubhouse gym or outdoor area. Equipment is provided with program.
  • Online– Private sessions via What’s app or Zoom.
  • Online Exercise Course– One online private session with Melissa and then go along at your own pace with learning videos and PDF downloads.

Online With Melissa

Work your Steps virtually with Melissa via What’s App or Zoom.

Free workouts and tips complement the program that help keep you fit!

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