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Sign up today and start working your Feel Better Fitness Steps®! Get ready to be more fit with seated and standing CORE-NO FLOOR  method exercises.

Work the Steps with two online training choices: Go at your own pace at home with the online exercise course or train privately with Melissa personal training online.

Online Personal Training

Receive online private training and work your Steps with Melissa via What’s App, Google Meet or FaceTime.

What are the Feel Better Fitness Steps®?

A personalized step by step exercise program that walks you through all aspects needed for a healthy body. Without a doubt, you will be feeling better in 12 easy steps. This program is great for everyone and specialized for seniors, beginners and people with limited mobility.

Exercise Program Options


The Feel Better Fitness Steps® has two online options – The online exercise course, to go at your own pace and level at home. For more individualized attention online personal training is available, via What’s app, Google Meet or FaceTime. 


Do you live in the West Palm Beach or Wellington, Florida area? Join me to participate in the Feel Better Fitness Steps® and Core No-Floor method private personal training.


Whether online or in-person Melissa walks each step with you. Starting with customized goal setting, fitness evaluations as well as a healthy eating and cardio plan. Following with a posture daily stretch routine that will definitely help your body wake up in the morning!

The Core-No Floor Method

Feel Better Fitness Steps® implements the Core-No Floor method. First and foremost this method quells the fear of falling and eliminates the struggle of getting on and off the floor.  This builds strength along with confidence. 


To avoid injury the exercises start with basic movements that gradually increase in difficulty. In addition, the exercises rotate through seated and standing positions to decrease excess stress on joints. Last but not least, to ease neck and back strain the core stabilizer muscles are strengthened and posture is corrected.

Proven Results

This proven program has been running successfully in South Florida for over 8 years. By participating you can look forward to improved energy, strength, balance, posture, bone density and mobility.  Furthermore, you will experience less joint and back pain. In other words, you will FEEL BETTER!

Feel Better Fitness Ladies

The Feel Better Fitness Steps® doesn’t need paid celebrity endorsements. The fabulous Feel Better Fitness ladies, ages 69-76,  are real life celebrities! Unquestionably, they are an inspiration.

If they can do it, YOU CAN TOO! 

Online Exercise Program Includes:

Video lessons on demand, printable PDF Steps guide, as well as customized weekly workouts.

FREE Continued Workouts

The final Step of the program is the FREE Feel Better Fitness Steps® YouTube channel. These continued Core No-Floor workouts and tips will keep you fit after completing the Steps. 

Coach Melissa offers Free workouts and tips to complement all online and personal training programs to help keep you fit!

Whether you choose to work the Feel Better Fitness Steps® on your own or train with Melissa privately, the Steps allows you to go at your own pace and also includes all aspects for a healthy body.

Melissa’s Core-No Floor method incorporates seated and standing exercises that are specialized for seniors, beginners, people with limited mobility and other health conditions.

  • Builds strength and confidence

  • Gain your independence back

  • Improves posture, mobility and balance


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