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The Core-No Floor Method

The Feel Better Fitness Steps® implements the Core No-Floor method. These amazing workouts also help keep you fit after completing the online program or in addition to personal training. Free workouts are available on the Feel Better Fitness Steps® YouTube channel. 

A Strong Core Without the Floor

Coach Melissa’s Core-No Floor method is for people who want to build strong core muscles but don’t want to risk getting on and off the floor. No more struggling or fear!

Exercise Program Safe for Seniors

Without a doubt, this method is specialized for seniors, beginners and people with limited mobility but also is great for everyone. Building strength and confidence is at the “core” of this program!

Designed To Fill a Need

Melissa designed the Core-No Floor method because she saw a need. Throughout her years as a fitness instructor she witnessed countless people getting injured from performing inappropriate advanced exercises along with poor exercise technique. Additionally, the fear of falling or getting injured caused discouragement that lead people to quit their health aspirations. She has created a method that solves these problems.

Highlights of the Method

  1. Emphasis on learning proper exercise form gets the most out of exercises.
  2. Posture correction aligns the body. 
  3. Workouts center around the 5 form foundation positions(5 FFP’s); making exercises easy to remember and master.
  4. Rotation of the 5FFP’s reduce excess stress on joints.
  5. Effectively and safely strengthens the core stabilizer muscles. In contrast to floor exercises that put strain on the neck and back.
  6. Eliminates the fear and struggle getting on and off the floor.
  7. Core stabilization and engagement exercises works the core in different ways.
  8. Modification of advanced core exercises.
  9. Multi-level workouts allow to go at your own pace and level.

Proven Results

Core No-Floor classes have been running successfully in Florida for over 8 years. Participants experience improved balance, posture, mobility and overall health. Other proven benefits: increased bone density, energy along with reduced joint and back pain. Without a doubt, you will feel better!

Free Online Workouts

FREE Core-No Floor workouts and tip videos are an added BONUS to the Feel Better Steps program®. These workouts help maintain your health success.


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