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Simple Neck Stretches – Sore Neck, Headaches?

Simple Neck Stretches – Sore Neck, Headaches?

My Neck is So Sore & Headaches Galore

My Neck has been so sore this week because of too much computer work. As a result I’ve experiencing headaches, heaviness in my eyes as well as a sore neck. It reminded me of the great neck stretches that help me.

Causes of Neck Pain

Many people have a forward head caused by many factors such as: poor posture, overuse of the front muscles of our body, looking down at devices, stress and improper exercise form. This creates muscle imbalances in our neck, shoulders, chest and back.

This results in many problems such as neck, shoulder, back pain and headaches. The core center is thrown off and this affects posture, balance and exercise performance.

To combat this issue perform these simple daily neck stretches. I like to do them in the hot shower.


In seated or standing position first you must realign the head (turtle to chicken)- tuck chin, detract the head and lengthen the neck. Stretch the neck SLOWLY with shoulders down and core stabilized.

  1. Head Alignment-  Place your thumb under your chin. Detract your head, tuck your chin down into your throat. Elongate your head and neck towards the sky to feel your spine and neck lengthen.
  2. Head Turns- Exhale as you turn your head, look to the side. Alternate sides, hold stretch while pulling shoulders down and tucking chin.
  3. Chin Down & to the Side: Exhale chin down to shoulder, gently pull head with hand.
  4. Lateral Ear to Shoulder: Exhale to stretch ear over to the shoulder, pull the opposite shoulder down as much as possible.
  5. Chin to Chest: Exhale to tuck chin all the way down into your chest, feel the back of neck stretch, pull both shoulders back, down and together.

Hold each stretch 10-30 seconds, alternate sides, 2 reps each side.

Head & Neck Stretches VIDEO

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