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Squats For Beginners

Squats for Beginners

What are the Best Squats for Beginners?

The best type of squats for beginners, seniors and people with limited mobility is the supported counter squat. 

Building Strength and Confidence

I start all online and in person clients with this squat because it is the most effective and safest. This squat is performed with a chair in back of you while holding onto the kitchen counter for support. Undoubtedly, this squat eliminates the fear of falling as well as allows practicing the correct form easily. Not only does this squat build lower body strength but also confidence!

Lower Body and Core Strength

Furthermore, the supported squat strengthens the weak lower body and core muscles without putting excess stress on the knee, back and hips. The muscles that are strengthened are the: quads (front thighs), hamstrings (back of legs), calves, glutes. In addition, it also works the core muscles and stretches the hips and low back.

How to Perform a Supported Counter Squat

  • Hold onto kitchen sink counter or a fixed heavy object for support.
  • Place a sturdy chair behind you.
  • Check chair height (in seated position the hips should line up with or above knees). If needed, sit on a pillow or chair pad to raise hips to proper height (recommend the Prosource Balance pad).
  • Start in the proper standing position; feet shoulder width apart and straight.
  • Bend your knees, hinge body forward from the hip, sit down slowly.
  • Push weight through the heels, lift up toes slightly.
  • Knees stay in the back of the toes.
  • Stretch your sit bones (glutes) back towards chair.
  • Keep your body tall, don’t round your back.
  • Sit all the way down in the chair.
  • Exhale as engage core when pushing up to stand, inhale to sit down.
  • Don’t let feet slide under the chair, or put weight into toes (stress on knees).
  • Avoid knees pulling in or out; keep knees lined up with 2nd/3rd toes. This ensures you will work the proper weak lower body muscles.
  • If your knees hurt, your form is probably wrong. Review these instructions and the watch the video below.
  • Squats For Beginners Instruction Video

Start slowly. See how many you can do the first time. Stop if you experience pain. Perform 2 sets of 10 -15, 3-4 days a week on non-consecutive days.  Add a rep on every week and by the end of the month you will be stronger!

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