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Standing Low Back Exercise + Chest Opener

Two for the Price of One!

Not only is this an amazing chest opening stretch it also exercises the low back muscles which are weak in most people. You get two great benefits in one easy stretch + exercise. I call it the counter cobra.

Causes of Muscle Imbalances

Computer work, excessive sitting, prior injuries and poor exercise technique as well as other factors cause poor posture. Our bodies fall forward from weak back muscles along with excessively tight pectoral(chest) muscles. This causes muscle imbalances resulting in poor posture, joint and back pain.

Poor Posture Remedy

Without a doubt, this standing supported low back exercise is a remedy for poor posture that combats the muscles imbalances listed above. It stretches the chest(pectoral), torso, front shoulders(anterior deltoid), spine, ribcage, neck as well as provides work to strengthen the erector spinae and other back muscles. I suggest performing this every other morning for these type of posture issues.

Lying Low Back Exercises Not for Everyone

For seniors, beginners, obese, and people with limited mobility lying low back exercise can be dangerous for a few reasons. First, getting up and down off the floor could be a fall risk. Secondly, exercises like floor cobra accomplish the same goals, nevertheless is an advanced exercise. Last but not least, the core and back muscles could be too weak to perform floor low back exercises correctly.

Easy to Perform

Unquestionably, this is an amazing Feel Better Fitness discovery! The use of the counter as back support along with aiding correct form makes this stretch + exercise easy to perform. 

Video Instruction Available

Low Back Standing Exercise

How To Perform Correctly

  • Stand as straight as possible in front of a kitchen counter with your back, butt and heels against it.
  • Feet hip width apart and straight, stacked under hips and shoulders.
  • Weight into heels.
  • Knees straight but NOT locked.
  • Put hands on counter in back of you for support.
  • Exhale as you lean back over counter, lifting your chest.
  • Open the chest by pulling shoulders back, down and together.
  • ONLY go back as far as you feel a stretch and work in the low back; you can go back a little further each time. DO NOT go to far back at first!
  • TUCK CHIN to align head correctly.
  • Deeply breathing – inhale through nose and exhale through the mouth like blowing up a balloon.
  • Pull in abdominals and engage glutes.
  • Hold 10 seconds(to start) 3 times.
  • 3-4 times a week; non- consecutive days.
  • STOP if any intense pain occurs, you probably went to far back.
  • After the set, turn around and stretch your back by holding counter and rounding back and tuck chin. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

Above all, this low back exercise will get you taller, stronger and more confident!

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