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Feel Better Fitness exercise program

Want to be my next success story?

“With Melissa’s exercise program, I lost 20 lbs., have more energy, much better balance and I’m much stronger at age 70! “- Terry A. (Feel Better Fitness Lady)

Rebecca's 6 Month 60 lb. Success Story!

Rebecca is a true inspiration that with the proper exercise, nutrition, coaching and pushing through the hard times = SUCCESS. It’s been such a privilege and a blessing for me to be part of her transformation process.

Check out these amazing 6 month results! She CRUSHED her NEXT STEPS goals and will continue with her healthy living from here on out. 

Rebecca Testimony:

“I feel absolutely wonderful! I am so grateful for Melissa! She helped me to lose 60 pounds, 44 total body inches in 6 months through proper nutrition and exercise.” Here are a few ways the Feel Better Fitness Steps®  has helped me.

Nutrition: Melissa’s Nutrition Steps® was a key ingredient to my success! It was so important for me to change my eating habits for good, and Melissa provided me with an easy and effective way to do that!

Coaching: I thank the Lord for leading me to Melissa. Her positive perspective helped me through very difficult times, and she always had workable ideas for me when I got stuck. Most importantly, Melissa always reminded me to keep my focus on the important things and not to let myself get distracted by small set-backs. 

Exercise: Melissa’s exercise program was exactly what I needed to wade back into physical fitness! She taught me the basics and proper form first, and then added challenges at a perfect pace, as I became ready for each next step. She also tailored my exercises to my needs when I had major surgery in the beginning of the program.

Progress: I started with counter push ups and now can do 20 modified floor push-ups, from elbow plank bench level to full floor plank holding for over a minute, standing one leg balance from to over 2 minutes on each leg! I am more aligned and balanced.

I am stronger, my posture, balance, and mobility is so much better. I also feel so much better not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well!

Coach Melissa's Story

In 2000, I was feeling tired and overweight. I desired to be a healthy, strong wife and mother. I hired a trainer to learn how to exercise and eat healthy. My trainer designed a program of strength, core, cardio along with a low glycemic index diet. I lost over 20 lbs. and maintain it to this day. This experience inspired me to become a fitness professional to help others live a healthier lifestyle.

Feel Better Fitness Ladies

Jeans Testimony: “I was diagnosed in December with early onset Parkinson’s disease. I was weak, stooped over, not walking properly, no balance whatsoever. I cannot believe that in such a short time this program corrected all of my problems and I feel so much better than I did before. My core strength is better, balance is much improved, and the feeling of well-being is unbelievable. I really feel this program will keep me going for a long time!”

Fighting Lupus

Melissa has changed my life in a number of ways and I cannot possibly limit it to a paragraph, but here goes a try. My body was in shambles when I met you. Three years post Lupus diagnosis and I was in absolute confusion in how to keep my body working properly. 

I started personal training with Melissa and within a week, the changes in my diet made my body feeling stronger than it had been in months! Also, she guided me from the basic exercises, and the basics was all I thought I was capable of. Doing push-ups, running on the treadmill, lifting heavier weights, I thought that was all completely impossible. But she made my body a weapon against Lupus, not a participant. 

Slowly, I was able to bend without falling over, walk a mile without my joints swelling, run around the gym in circles with weights and doing real push-ups

Enjoying Life Again

I traveled to NYC like I dreamed and walked from my Fifth Ave apt. all the way to Central Park. I did not take one taxi while there. Also, she provided exercises to keep me fit while I was away. My body became the tool, the weight lift, the 5’3 cardio machine!

To say I owe Melissa a thank you is quite the understatement. Gratitude. Endless Gratitude. I am finally in control of my body and my health.

With Love, Bianca Vinas

Melissa exercise program has helped my knee and back pain and has greatly improved my posture, strength, core and balance. I feel better after every session!

personal training

I have worked with Melissa in both personal training and group settings. I have multiple physical problems but after a few sessions my pain disappeared like magic. Her knowledge is vast, her classes are challenging but fun, and her enthusiasm is contagious. I wish I had discovered her years ago; her training is well suited for people of any age!

Melissa has been working with my mother (late 70’s) for several years. My mom adores her! I truly believe that without Melissa’s help and guidance, my mom would not be doing nearly as well as she is. Melissa is reliable and truly cares about her clients. Highly recommend!


Coach Melissa’s exercise program for seniors has helped me! The workouts are varied and interesting.  She is a great instructor and makes the workouts fun.

In a very short period of time, Melissa’s program has brought me to a better health position. Aches and pains are few and doing the homework is very helpful. If you are serious about your health, she is worth the investment. I am 82 years with several health conditions and her simple directions are easy to follow. 

I am so glad to have a structured Feel Better Fitness Steps® program. Melissa’s enthusiasm and abilities are a treasure. I have lost a few pounds and in addition, I’m much more aware of my posture. I recommended this exercise program, even those with disabilities. Thank you for helping me become healthier!

I enjoy the Feel Better Fitness exercise program. After class I always felt 1,000 times better! I particularly appreciate the homework exercise sheets. Thanks again for your hard work, preparation, and individual attention you give to your students!

For the past 2 years I have been working the Feel Better Steps Program® with Melissa. My overall well-being has improved. She is professional, knowledgeable, as well as gives personalized instruction and attention. The workouts are both challenging and fun. Above all, it has improved my posture, balance and core strength.

I have worked with several fitness instructors and in contrast Melissa is the most knowledgeable. She is so fun and I really enjoy the Feel Better Fitness Steps® program. I highly recommend this especially for seniors!

Melissa is an excellent teacher. She provides clear directions and tips to help us learn correctly. I love the posture and Core No-Floor Method exercises! 

I so enjoy Melissa’s Core-No Floor method classes. Not only is she knowledgeable, the enthusiasm she brings to class helps me want to work out harder and correctly. 

Royal Palm Beach Fitness ClassesWhen I started with Melissa I was almost unable to get up from sitting but after I started her class I became stronger in my back, legs, etc. It was unbelievable how quick it happened. Melissa is very knowledgeable about the body and what to do to correct a problem. I would recommend her exercise program for seniors or to anyone that needs their body strengthened.

Melissa’s exercise program has helped me with posture. Most importantly, it has strengthened my core and back. It is a great all-round!

Melissa brings energy and enthusiasm in whatever she is doing.  She makes exercising fun. In addition, she takes individual time to correct and teach the right way to exercise.

Melissa has been my trainer for almost 2 years and I have seen much improvement. My lower back pain has greatly improved. She is an excellent trainer, patient, caring and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

I have thoroughly enjoy Melissa’s senior exercise program for seniors. She corrects the movements to ensure good form. The Feel Better Fitness Steps® exercise homework sheets add to the experience. Thanks Melissa for keeping us senior people feeling fit!

Melissa is the best personal trainer! She cares about training your whole body correctly and has taught me so much!

I have been attending Melissa’s exercise program for seniors in Royal Palm Beach, Florida for 2 years. In that time, my posture, body alignment, muscle tone and overall strength have vastly improved. The core strengthening workout concentrates on balance that is very important to keep me strong.

The Feel Better Fitness exercise classes were always a positive experience. I learned what the core and core conditioning is and how it affects me. Most importantly, we worked on balance and posture with emphasis on fall prevention and overall strengthening. 

Melissa’s expertise and a shining personality make her an exceptional senior fitness instructor. Most importantly, her program is focused on core and balance- just what I need!

I am a 75-year-old retired Master Sgt US Army. Since I have retired I let myself go. Since I have been working out with Melissa my body has gained more muscle, lost body fat and my balance has improved. The Feel Better Steps program® has motivated me to be all I can be. If you are interested in changing your body and improving your health get on Melissa’s wagon. THAT’S A DIRECT ORDER FROM YOU MASTER SARGENT!

Melissa is great senior fitness instructor and I love taking her class. She is very patient and through. For example, she checks to make sure we are doing the exercise correctly to ensure we will not get hurt.

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