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The Best Full Body Stretch

The Best Full Body Stretch

What is the best full body stretch?

This is what I call “the one and done stretch”. It looks like a backwards upside down “L” when done correctly. This standing full body stretch is included in many of the Feel Better Fitness online, personal training programs and Core-No Floor method workouts.

Perform daily in the morning to realign the body, correct posture and to start your day off right! This multi purpose stretch lines up the spine, stretches the low back, hamstrings, calves, lats, core and opens the chest and shoulders.  The wide leg position also stretches through the hips and inner thighs (adductors). My clients are amazed at how this does the trick when their back is out of whack.

This standing supported stretch is perfect for people who have a hard time getting up and down off the floor. It is great for everyone and safe for seniors, beginners and people with limited mobility.

Click the video link below for more detailed instructions.

The backwards upside down “L” stretch positions – hip width or wide legs.

How to Perform the Standing L – Stretch:

  • Hold a chair, wall or kitchen counter to support the body.
  • Step far enough away to make room for the body to lengthen.
  • Push back to rock weight into heels, lift toes up slightly.
  • Hinge body forward from the hips; line up hips under ankles.
  • Feet straight and even.
  • Legs straight but not locked.
  • Back flat like a tabletop, do NOT round the back.
  • Chest lifted, shoulders pulled back, down and together.
  • Ears & head line up in between arms, neck long & chin tucked.
  • Hold the stretch breathing deeply for 30-45 seconds, rest up in between.
  • Perform 2-3 times daily or when you have back issues.


For a complete daily morning stretch routine visit:  Feel Better Fitness Steps®. The perfect start to your health journey!


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